Your baby’s growth matters

Fetal Growth Restriction is an important risk factor for stillbirth

Even though all pregnancies are different, a healthy rate of growth for your baby is important.

Your maternity healthcare professional should be regularly measuring your baby’s growth during your pregnancy, starting from around 24 weeks. Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR) is when a baby is growing slower than expected.

Your maternity healthcare professional should regularly measure your baby’s rate of growth every time you visit using a tape measure on your abdomen to measure your ‘symphseal fundal height’ (SFH). This measurement should be plotted on a growth chart and will be noted in your pregnancy record. For some women, it may be necessary to monitor the growth of your baby by ultrasound.

What you can do

Attend all of your antenatal appointments to monitor your baby's growth.

Monitoring Baby's Growth: Symphyseal Fundal Height or SFH

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